Telephone Entry System

Telephone Entry System for Commercial Properties

You have a large selection of options and features on any telephone entry system you choose for your condominium or apartment complex. Your business or commercial property can benefit, too, from features that include tracking each visitor or delivery.

Choosing the best entry system is easier when you have a trusted dealer available to help. They can offer you the guidance you need when selecting a system that meets your budgetary needs, offers reliable service even during power outages and that is easy to operate.

No one likes having the inconvenience of dealing with a broken or malfunctioning telephone entry system. This is not just a hassle. It can cause important deliveries to be delayed. If you rely on an entry system for your law firm or real estate agency, you know there are packages you cannot afford to miss.

Buy a reliable new entry system. These newer systems offer call waiting and call forwarding. Even if you are on the main line where the entry system dials into, you can still be alerted to that important client’s arrival or that important package’s early morning delivery.

Many systems also have the capacity to store hundreds of names and numbers. These are ideal for large condominium and apartment complexes. Choose from systems with telephone handsets or from systems with speakerphones only. This may not be an option you want if you prefer to keep client’s comfortable with their ability to announce their arrival with a degree of privacy.

Other times, you want the speakerphone version so that people can enter more easily if they are holding packages or other items. Speak with your gate or security company for more information about the system that is right for your building. There are many options to choose from