Electric Gate Openers

Repairing an Automatic Gate Opener

When the automatic gate opener stops working, the gate will fail to open or close. Sometimes, when an opener breaks, the gate makes a loud screech and will slide open or simply bang shut unexpectedly. This is a safety hazard as much as it is an inconvenience. This is why you need to know what to do to get repairs done right away.

If the gate to your residence or commercial property stops working, there are a few things you can do before help arrives. Call your gate repair service first. They should be able to get to you for an immediate appointment to diagnose the problem and repair it in about an hour. While you wait, you might want to shut off the main electrical fuse to the gate while it is open so that people can come and go freely.

Keep someone on watch, however. An open driveway or carport gate invites trespassing. If you have a security guard or have a security company that works for you, have them keep watch to ensure the safety of the premises.

If it is possible, inspect the gate and the opener for any obvious signs of damage. Check the batteries to the automatic gate opener if applicable. There are some units that simply need the batteries to be changed. Complex systems may need to be rewired so always leave these to the professionals to fix once they arrive.

Refer to the owner’s manual for the opener if you have it. There should be troubleshooting steps to help you determine what the problem is. These may save you from having to call the professionals in the first place. If you take the steps and the unit is still not operational, make sure to call the repair experts right away. A gate repair or opener repair may not be as expensive as you fear, so do not put it off out of concern for the cost.

When you do call your repair technicians, explain as much to them as you can. For example, tell them if you checked the batteries, if applicable. Let them know if your gate is for a large building or apartment complex so they can arrive as quickly as possible. Even if you are a homeowner and it is a gate for your single-family residence, they should still arrive quickly to assess the problem but for larger facilities, your need is often more urgent.

If the unit is beyond being fixed, your gate company will recommend a suitable, affordable replacement. A replacement unit will be a worthwhile investment. The unit should come with a warranty and it will also provide many years of trouble-free operation.

While there are things that you can do to check the unit, always leave the repair diagnosis and repairs to your professional gate technicians. They have the skills, tools, and experience to get the unit fixed correctly. If you need a replacement, they will let you know so that you can purchase it and your complex can enjoy the convenience an automatic gate provides.